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These are some of the better sites that I have found out there for information regarding to virus hoaxes, email scams such as forwarding your email you'll get so much money for it or other hoaxes of the sort. If anyone out there has more information and/or other sites that they would like to see added here, please fell free to contact me via email and give me the URL of the site and I will add it here.

NOTE: The Budfrog screensaver is a HOAX!! It does not exist. Check out the site here: BUDSAVER.EXE.HTML for more information on this new hoax thats floating around in everyones email box!


NOTE: A good rule of thumb here. I was hit by a virus not long ago and was told to practice what the technician that fixed my puter had called -- SAFE SURF. If you get anything in your email that ends in .EXE DON'T OPEN IT OR SAVE IT! UNLESS you know the person on the sending side of the email. Normally about 99% of the time you won't have to worry about VIRUSES in programs that you download from the bigger companies that offer free screensavers, games, programs and so forth. Its the email that you get from other users that you have to worry about and its only those that you have to either open or save to your puter with the .EXE extension on it that you have to worry about.

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