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Jerry Don Moore
Well, I guess I'll start this off by this, I was born in Junction City, Kansas on September 13, 1966. I am the second to the oldest of four boys (wish I had atleast one sister). My father was in the military (Army) at the time I was born. He was in there for 20 yrs. I had the opportunity to grow up all over the US and lived three years over in Germany thanks to my dad (thanks pop!). The only thing that I do regret being raised in the military was my friends. By the time I'd get a great friendship going with someone, it was time to pack up and leave.
Right now, I currently live in the NE part of Arkansas. Both of my parents grew up in this area. Its not that bad of a place. We are one of the main growers of rice for the US and that brings in alot of mosquitoes cause of all the water! I am working in a factory called Darling Store Fixtures. We make store fixtures for different retail stores like Wal-Mart, K Mart, Best Buys, Walgreens, and so forth. I work the 2nd shift on the paintline department as a painter. My main duties there at work is mainly a touch up sprayer. When the parts comes through the automatic sprayers I stand at the end of the booth and 'touch up' what didn't get sprayed by the auto sprayers. And when I don't have nothing to tough up, all I do then is sweep the floors (that makes for a long night believe me).
My hobbies are: THE OUTDOORS!! I love to go swimming, fishing, hunting, camping, hicking, and working out in the yard. During the winter months I tend to be like a bear and hybernate. But once the warm weather sets in, I am outdoors all the time. Love the outdoors!!!!
Well, I guess thats it for right now. Don't live that much of an interesting life. Mainly work and sleep seems like what I do the most! Thats life I guess!!!

Check out these sites. They are part of my past and present as well.

A map of where I live:
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The place where I work:

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