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Yellowhawk33's Home

The is THE most requested script I have had. The Watermark received wide acclaim when it landed on Geocities, the largest homepage provider in the world. Since then, people have been trying to make their own Watermark, but to no avail. Finally, Yellowhawk33 has come up with a small, customizable code for the watermark that is cross browsered. If you don't know what the watermark is, look at the image to your lower-right. It stays in place even as you scroll. This is great for advertising your page or others.
The source..

<DIV CLASS="jsbrand" ID="jsbrand" STYLE="position:absolute;top:1;visibility:hide;" zIndex="1000" ALIGN="right"> <A HREF="" TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="" ALT="Yellowhawk33's Home" BORDER="0"></A> </DIV> <script language="Javascript1.2"> <!-- // you must keep the following lines on when you use this // original idea from the Geocities Watermark // Yellowhawk33 -- var window_says = "Yellowhawk33's Home"; var image_width = 88; var image_height = 31; var left_from_corner = 0; var up_from_corner = 0; var JH = 0; var JW = 0; var JX = 0; var JY = 0; var left = image_width + left_from_corner + 17; var up = image_height + up_from_corner + 15; if(navigator.appName == "Netscape") { var wm = document.jsbrand; } if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE") != -1){ var wm = document.all.jsbrand; } wm.onmouseover = msover wm.onmouseout = msout function watermark() { if(navigator.appName == "Netscape") { JH = window.innerHeight JW = window.innerWidth JX = window.pageXOffset JY = window.pageYOffset wm.visibility = "hide" = (JH+JY-up) wm.left = (JW+JX-left) wm.visibility= "show" } if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE") != -1){ if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Mac") == -1){ = "none"; JH = document.body.clientHeight; JW = document.body.clientWidth; JX = document.body.scrollLeft; JY = document.body.scrollTop; = (JH+JY-up); =(JW+JX-left); = ""; } } } function msover(){ window.status = window_says return true; } function msout(){ window.status = "" return true; } setInterval("watermark()",100); //--> </script>

Color coding..

This is the image, text, whatever that you want to put in the watermark.
This is what you want the window statusbar to say when the user goes over the watermark.
This is the width and height of the image, text, whatever that you have in the watermark. As you can guess, having an image works best with the watermark.
This is the amount left of the scrollbars that you want the image to be.
This is the amount up of the scrollbars that you want the image to be. If you are a Geocities citizen and have the geocities watermark implanted on your free page, use the number 41 for this variable so the two watermarks won't conflict.
Yellowhawk33's Home